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Get Earnest about your hair care goals by Elevating your natural hair care experience. Earnestly Natural Hair Care aims to make you feel confident about rocking your curls, by giving you the tools to do so beyond the chair. Our Elevated Curl Experience is designed to eradicate any uncertainties related to hydrating and defining your tresses. In this one on one training session, you and your “curl coach” will delve into proper techniques, and products, that properly cleanse, hydrate and define your natural curls. Let’s unleash your hair’s true curl strength! The first step of this process is detoxifying the hair, ridding it of any oils, silicone, and other harmful products. Next, we hydrate and define in small sections. Remember, this is a hands on experience so don’t be afraid to work the product through the hair. Your session is concluded with a curl by curl cutting and grouping technique, known as the Elevated Curly Cut. This will keep you “in shape” through your next visit.  We can’t let you leave without your ‘Earnestly Me’ home hair care regimen, which is tailor made to fit your needs. Are you ready to whip those curls into shape?

3 hours @ $350

  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Restructuring Detox Treatment
  • Hydrate & Define Sequence
  • Curly cut
  • Custom “Earnestly Me” home care regimen

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