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Are you tired of going to the salon, looking good, but never knowing what to do in-between visits?
Are you lost and confused about what to do with your hair at home?
Do you think your hair is unmanageable and can only be fixed by a stylist?
Are you a busy mom, athlete, or professional who can’t get to the salon but needs to look polished?
If you answered “YES” to any of these questions or “I don’t know”, then the discovery appointment is for you. The discovery is just that, a discovery of your hair needs, schedule, desired outcomes, and long-term hair care. You will leave this appointment with clear instructions and a plan to have the hair that you’ve always imagined for yourself, as well as a hairstyle that is beautiful, simple, and easy to maintain and repeat.

2 hours @ $200

  • A beautiful hairstyle that meets your needs
  • A plan to take care of your hair at home
  • Confidence in your ability to repeat the hairstyle at home
  • Tips on how to maintain the hairstyle and keep your hair healthy
  • The next best step for you to have the hair you want

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