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The Goal

Earnestly Natural Hair Care aims to create a culture where women and men embrace their natural textures and, with our guidance, feel empowered to confidently elevate their home hair care practices.


At Earnestly Natural we’ve realized that one issue with the salon experience, that coincides with the cultivation of healthy natural hair, is instant gratification. In traditional salon experiences, the patron comes in to receive a hair service that results in cosmetic changes created with temporary manipulation of one’s own, or added hair, to create the desired look. Styling options such as braids, weaves & blow outs require techniques that, in the long run, create cumulative damage to the hair shaft resulting in long term or permanent damage to the integrity of one’s hair.
The need to look good right NOW hinders our goals of feeling good about the way our hair looks later. In order to remedy this issue, changes to the salon culture have to be implemented. Earnestly Natural provides an experience wherein you are not only receiving a polished style, but you are receiving hydrating treatments, extensive product knowledge, and a plan of action for home care.

women with natural hair have begun to embrace more textured looks but are still sold on the idea of instant gratification.

The exploitation of this limited mindset has led to an influx of hair products promising answers in a jar. Product after product, style after style, the same issues resurface. “I don’t know how to take care of my own hair!” The popular phrase “ protective style” created a false sense of security around common hair care practices. Protective styles are often desired because they give the client a “break”  from having to figure out their hair and what looks good to them. With life’s demands, and one’s own personal ability to absorb all the information shoved down our throats, it’s enough to make anyone want to just cut it all off. Instead, most women opt into getting braids or some other form of styling that involves adding hair or having their ends put away.

Cultural norms have also led us to believe that as black people, we don’t need to shampoo our hair as much. This misconception has led to chronically dry hair, and widespread fallacies of what it means to moisturize the hair, due to the way that products are marketed to us. I hear  many women say “ I oil my scalp to keep it moisturized.” By definition, this can’t be true. To avoid going too far on a tangent about why oils aren’t moisturizers, the real takeaway is our hair needs water!! Going 2-6 weeks without shampooing causes hair to go from dry to severely dehydrated. As we all know there is a big difference between thirst and dehydration. Simply put, wearing styles for 2 – 6 weeks at a time without shampooing puts our hair at risk! Along with this infrequent hydration, add in tension and poorly formulated products. From these habits, birth phrases such as, “I don’t like how my hair looks when it’s out, It always looks dry.” Or, “That’s why I keep it put up!  I don’t know what to do with it!” Guess what? EN has got you covered. Say goodbye to these thoughts and phrases FOREVER


Although wearing one’s natural hair has become more culturally acceptable, there is still a struggle among people of color in regard to what we consider polished, or well kept, depending on what era you grew up in. For example, I find that women in their 40’s & 50’s have different psychological hurdles than “native naturals’ who grew up with more technology and less emphasis on straight hair culture as it pertains to relaxers and hot combs. To add to this separation, certain textures are more socially acceptable than others. Textures with more definition are highly sought after and are considered a more appealing aesthetic. This, of course leads to the manipulation of one’s hair to achieve a curl pattern that one does not genetically possess. Most natural hair influencers have what we call in the hair industry “unicorn hair” . This is soft, shiny, curly hair that looks the same no matter what they use. This often leads consumers to believe that if they do what the influencer does they will achieve the same results. In comes the product junkies, looking for the solution in a bottle. The results of all the failed attempts to embrace and wear one’s own hair leads naturalists back to protective styles. Rinse and repeat. While we can’t make you love your own hair, we can provide you with the tools to truly engage your hair’s true potential.


Now that we’ve discussed the barriers that hinder a healthy head of hair, let’s talk about curl artists and what we do. A Curl artist is a stylist educated in the science of properly hydrating and defining natural hair to gorgeously highlight the genetic curl, coil, or wave you possess. Additionally we are experts in cutting/shaping said wavy, curly, and coily hair.  For most women who would like to wear their hair in its loose natural state, the main issue is that the hair lacks proper hydration and shape. As curl artists, we are dedicated to implementing practical hydrating and defining products, and techniques, demonstrated with the goal of providing duplicatable results.
The biggest difference between natural hair stylists and curl artists is that they usually do one or the other.  By that I mean curl artists achieve looks by way of curly cuts (EX: DEVA CUT, REZO CUT, CUT IT KINKY, etc.) While most natural hair stylists create natural styles, which roughly translates to they don’t do relaxers.
Most natural hairstylists have a limited understanding of how to properly care for natural hair as it pertains to individual textures. The term “WASH N’ GO” is ambiguous and elusive because it leads one to believe that you only have to use this one product to make your ‘ curls pop “ and that’s it (once again selling instant gratification).   When the truth is, the hair has to be in a certain state by way of detoxifying and/or repairing damage to the cuticle in order to extract the true integrity of your curls, coils, or waves.
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