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Angel Williams

Owner & Lead Stylist

Angel started Earnestly Natural Hair Care with a strong desire to provide effective solutions to her clients’ chronic hair issues. She wanted to provide long-lasting, scientific based solutions that go beyond traditional and outdated practices.

As a stylist and business owner, she consistently pursues the most accurate and updated information to cultivate her skills as a textured hair specialist. Receiving extensive training from the industry’s most skilled experts, she uses her knowledge to provide results, and to empower patrons to duplicate her efforts with a goal of creating independence and self-sufficiency.

Her clients are given clear and accurate instructions on how to manage their hair beyond the salon chair. Additionally, they are provided with vital information on how their lifestyles affect the health and manageability of their hair. She is intentional about providing the missing pieces to the plethora of half-truths that continue to keep people confused and restless, spending money, hoping that something finally works.

Angel enjoys engaging in healthy dialogue regarding problems and solutions of socioeconomic concern. When she isn’t behind the chair, she can be found reading personal development books, exercising, and spending time with family & friends.